On Friday I was diagnosed as diabetic.

This was, of course, a shock, on top of my other medical and other problems:

  • Arthritis in the talonavicular joint in the right foot.
  • Eyesight which although corrected by glasses does not respond quickly to changes in light intensity.
  • Suspected Asperger’s syndrome. (Okay, this last one isn’t medical).

Nothing serious there. But it adds up. Especially as I have been told that the arthritis and eyesight will now have to be monitored as they can be affected by the diabetes.

However my self pity was soon put into context later that day by events in Paris. Please pray for the people of Paris.

4 thoughts on “Diabetic

  1. I am praying for the people of Paris.

    I am also praying for you. Diabetes is a shock, and takes adjusting to! (Says she, 18 weeks post-diagnosis , and just about to have first review of how it’s going, meds review and feet checked! Eyes were done a month or so ago.)

  2. Thank you aryomjapes.

    The shock set in yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, a little over two days from the diagnosis I started crying for no reason. Real shaking sobbing. Fortunately I was at home so there was no need to fight the tears.

    Things will get back to normal. It will be a different normal, but it will still be normal.

  3. My sympathy to you. I hope things have settled down a bit now and that medication will stabilize things for you. As you say, things will get back to normal; it will be a bit different but still relatively normal.

  4. Thanks Ariel. Latest news is that my appointment with the diabetic nurse has been brought forward to this Monday. That’s 3 weeks earlier than expected.

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