John and the meaning of Jesus

eagle John’s Gospel is different to the other three in a lot of ways, not the least in that it is more than the others a book about who Jesus is.

Like the other Gospels, John’s has a symbol of a winged creature. John’s symbol is an eagle, to signify ascension, because of the way an eagle soars towards heaven, which links to John’s vision of being taken up into heaven in the Book of Revelation.

John has a heavenly slant, not just what being in the Kingdom of Heaven means on Earth, but looks on the ministry of Jesus from a heavenly perspective. Jesus is the Word of God that was present at creation and became human for a time. Who Jesus is is developed in a number of sayings which start I am.

There are theologians who say that Jesus did not actually say the I am lines, but that it reflected the experience of early Christians. They experienced Jesus, God become man, crucified, raised and ascended in their lives. The last bit about the experience of Jesus in their lives is the important part. Jesus can still be experienced.

So whether or not Jesus said the I am sayings, and I believe that he did, It is possible to experience what those early Christians believed. You can experience Jesus as the Good Shepherd and the Light of the world in your life. Arelationship with God through Jesus is only a prayer away. Ask him into your life.

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