I am the resurrection… I am the way and the truth…

… and the life.

40 blogs of Lent, day 18

Please read these bible passages first (or re-read if you have been following these blogs).

John 11:1-27
John 14:1-14


Jesus identifies closely with life. He is the bread of life, the way the truth and the life, the resurrection and the life. He came to give life in it’s fullness. John, in the prologue to the Gospel says of Jesus, “In him was life.” There is more than a close connection between Jesus and life.

Hard times

We all have life. We work, eat and sleep. We get up, have coffee and wake up (in that order). We are alive. But there is little abundance in a work, eat, sleep,work, eat, sleep existence. Jesus does not promise that once we are Christians everything will be happy and peaceful. There is a peace, but it is a peace in trouble and in suffering. Jesus did not promise easy, but he promised to be with us through the hard times.

Full Life

That is life. Full life. Abundant life. — Life living in Jesus and he in us. Laughing with those who laugh, weeping with the bereaved and suffering.

Jesus is the life. When we come to Jesus we start living. — Start living.



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