The King, and doing stuff

40 blogs of Lent, day 36

Holy Trinity Huddersfield, 10.30 service, 20 March 2016

HolyTI’ll get the sermon out of the way first.

No disrespect to Dick Swindell, the preacher, but sometimes it is the news of what is happening that speaks louder than the preachers words. As I have said before, God speaks to people in different ways through the service, so it could have been not aimed at me.

The very truncated version of the sermon is this:

Jesus entered Jerusalem as a King, but a strange sort of king – riding a donkey rather than the white charger that would be expected.The events of Holy Week, the last meal of Jesus and his disciples, the trial, and then the realisation that it was not the riding into Jerusalem when Jesus became king, but when he was on the cross.

There you have it, the main points reduced by me into a 40 second sermon.

Now that is out of the way (sorry Dick) on to what I got from church today.

This church is doing things.

The Alpha course has finished (or almost finished, my mind wanders). We are thinking of doing it again later in the year. This time it was made up of people who wanted to know more about Christianity who had no connection with the church (we went delivering invitations) and those who wished to deepen their faith. Eleven people were on the course.

Our diocesan Bishop, Nick Bains, Bishop of Leeds, wants all the parishes in the diocese to run an introductory course.

We are delivering leaflets again. Last Sunday people went around delivering leaflets with the service times on personally. People who answered the door were asked to come to church at Easter, and asked if they wanted prayer. At least one asked for specific prayer for a relative. Some others were going out this afternoon, this time to the park opposite the church.

It feels good to be part of a church that does things.


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