Who is in charge?

The politics of me.

Who runs the country?

Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned, and will no longer be Prime Minister, the Parliamentary Labour Party have revolted overwhelmingly against their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and UKIP leader Nigel Farage has stood down. Post Brexit Britain is in turmoil.

Over on the other side of the Atlantic the Republican Party have someone running for President whose policies are all about scapegoating. Blame things on someone else — anyone else.

It makes you wonder just who is in charge.


The Brexit campaign was run on the issues of sovereignty and immigration. Who decides the country’s laws and who can live here. It is important, said the exit campaign, that the UK makes its own laws and decides who can live and work here, not some faceless unelected bureaucrat in Brussels.

But before I look at the large nationwide problems, Id like to look at things on a small personal perspective.

The politics of me

Who is it that runs my life? Who is in charge. For Christians there is only one answer, God is Sovereign. The Sovereignty of me is the created order upside down — God is supposed to be in charge, but a referendum of one person about who runs me based on what I want for me comes to what is the wrong conclusions. I was not created to have sovereignty over me, God is supposed to be in charge, but a referendum on who runs me based on one man, one vote (where I am the one man who has the one vote) gets it wrong.

I’m about to fly off on one of my tangents, bear with me:

Some say it all comes down to lack of love, but sin is more crafty and subtle than that. A man may be deeply in love with his wife and still look at porn. Who will ever know, and it makes him feel good. No one will get hurt, she does not need to know, and he still loves her.

Someone said love is not selfish. It comes from one of the most famous passages in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13, read out at many a wedding ceremony. The reason that porn is wrong is because it is selfish, about gratifying yourself only. Even if nobody gets hurt, even if it does not affect the intimacy of a relationship, it is still selfish, and love is not selfish, it always puts someone else first. A man looking at porn videos or pictures or a woman reading erotic fiction for self gratification is not putting their wife or husband first. It is selfish. It is sin.

This is not restricted to the issue of porn, that was just an example.

Similarly being selfish is not putting God in his rightful place in our lives. The person with sovereignty over my life is supposed to be God, not me. It is selfish. It is sin.

This tangent is now over.

Making it large

Having zoomed in to the personal level, and letting my mind wander tangentially for a while, it is now time to zoom back out to national and international politics. Who is in charge of the world?

The Sunday School answer is Jesus. When you look at the complexities of the world it seems such a simplistic answer. But it could still be right, only more complex.

There are Christians that have it a lot worse than you do, and they take comfort from a book written to another set of Christians who were also being persecuted. because deep own the book of Revelation, amid the apocalyptic complexities of repeated numbers and surreal imagery has the coded message that God is in control.

The book was needed because it would not have felt like that. Having been told that Jesus has won a great victory, and then losing your job and having family members killed because you followed him. It would be understandable if you started to doubt the victory of Jesus Christ when you look at the world.

But Jesus has won a great victory. God is in charge of the universe. Victory is certain, despite appearances.

So when you look at the political system imploding and no one leading. Remember that it is God who is in charge. On the small scale in individual lives and on the large scale in the world.

Will you let him be in charge in your life?



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