10 reasons God hates you

10 reasons God hates you

Number 4 will blow your mind.

Yes I’m talking commandments. The commands handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai during the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.

This is not going to be a Buzzfeed type list, despite but a look at the commandments retrospectively from the perspective of post Jesus. Jesus taught us what God is like, If God were a human being he would be like Jesus.

Actually God is a human being in Jesus, that is what Christianity is about, that is what we celebrate at Christmas, it isn’t just the birthday of the a religious leader, it is God relating to humans.

So what has this got to do with commandments and Moses, have I gone out on one of my mental tangents again and lost where I was going? Well yes and no.

Yes because I start writing with an idea in my head about what I want to say but no plan in where it will go. No because Jesus is the perspective through which we read the Bible.

The idea I am pursuing, the thing that bugs me is this:

Why did God have to give the commandments?

What is clear from the early accounts in Genesis of creation and the fall is that man (adam in Hebrew) had a knowledge of good and evil — so man already has the framework for making moral decisions: Taken from that perspective God would not need to send commandments, we already have a moral compass built in without them. Which is why I am taking the opposite perspective, one which looks at commandments from a post Jesus angle.

God is love

First the title of this blog is wrong. It is deliberate click bait to lure yu into reading. God does not hate anybody. God loves. Not just Christians. In the old days not just the Hebrews. God loves all and always had done. Jesus coming, God becoming human, is God’s love in action.

There are absolutes

Morality is fluid. there are things which are right or wrong by context. News stories describe some actions as evil, we speak of modern morality as being enlightened. Enlighten as compared to what? There has to be a dark if there is enlightened.

God thinks you are amazing

That’s right, you, everyone of you is amazing. There is too much grovelling in religion, thinking that we are miserable sinners who come so far from God’s standards that we must forever put ourselves down in a display of humility.

Humility is good. It is good to focus on our shortcomings. For a time. In order to learn. In order to drive us back to God. Because God loves us and sees the potential. The psalmist wrote, I am fearfully and wonderfully made1. We all are. God does not want to condemn anyone, that is why Jesus came, not to condemn but to save.

So here are my 10 reasons God hates you.

Erm … Actually I can’t think of one.

1 Psalm 139:14

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