Early on September 18th Mum passed away peacefully in her sleep.


Friday 30th was the funeral.

What can I say about this wonderful woman?

Married to a fishmonger, with six children, and worked in factories and as a shop girl and a cleaner, not what you would think would be a great person …

… so let me talk about our home life.

With six children life was never quiet. Getting ready for school was well regimented. Food was on the table – bread and jam was out with milk sugar and packets of cereal on the table before we were woken at 7.30, then all off to school by 8.30. Homelife was never quiet, and Mum coped alone not only with us but with any number of friends, relatives and other people. Mum accepted them all. Christmas dinner was something, the family of eight enhanced by our grndparents from both sides and aunts. All perfectly organised by mum.

Selfless is a word you could use for Mum. Always did what she though was right for her children, often putting them before herself. A good template which I used in bringing up my own children. It works.

Putting others first also led to her raising money for Kirkwood Hospice, she even chaired the committee for a time.

After her own children had grown up she still hosted the neighbourhood children.

Mum was one of the most hospitable people you could meet. Not the kind of hospitality you would find in a book on how to host a dinner party or run a hotel, but real deep down hospitality that was intrinsic to her personality.

Mum was loved by many, in and outside the family. The turnout at the funeral showed how mch she was loved and respected.

Goodbye Mum. Rest in peace and rise in glory.


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