Wake Up.

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Trump is the president elect.  White evangelical Christians supported him and voted for him.  They justified his actions, defended him and endorsed him as the Christian candidate.  Mainly because h…

Source: Wake Up.

There are two different sorts of Evangelical out there.

Mine is the sort historically of social reformer Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Lord Shafesbury, who organised the Ragged Schools in inner city areas and campaigned amongst other things against children working down coal mines; of William Wilberforce who spent a politic career campaigning against the slave trade.

In the modern era it is the Evangelicalism of TEARfund, a relief and development charity. Which was born out of the Evangelical Alliance.

The other sort of Evangelical has roots that go back to Jonathon Edwards and the Great Awakening in the USA. While both sorts of Evangelical rightly stress the need for conversion to Christ, this second sort sees conversion as the one great need, and will criticise what they call the social gospel, as if God is not on the side of the poor, the vulnerable and the oppressed.

So while I do not see anything of my kind of Evangelical in President Elect Donald Trump, it seems equally lacking in Secretary of State Hilary Clinton too.

In short, the American people were in this election between a rock and a hard place. There does not seem to be any moral high ground. They do not need our derision for what looks like a bad choice, they need our love, sympathy and prayers. Particularly our prayers.

But Trump isn’t all about Mexican walls. Yes his foreign policy, what there is of it, stinks, but I do not think Trump voters were voting for walls. They were voting for jobs. Trump’s plans to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure go well beyond the Democrats plans, and like the New Deal of the 1930s, will create wealth for the working class as well as the super rich. A Republican candidate has put forward social rebuilding plans that the Democrats have abandoned.

No, I do not like Trump. I dislike Trump more than I dislike Clinton. But social reform from a political right winger is not unknown. Look at Britain’s Lord Shaftesbury who I mentioned earlier, a Tory.

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