21 again

I’m 21 years old again.

Actually this weekend I turned 63, but that’s like being 21 three times isn’t it? When I was born in the UK 21 was the age you officially became an adult.

The first 21

That took me from birth through primary school (two different infant schools and then two junior schools due to the family moving house).  Whilst I was at the second  I had my first psychiatric profiling done, the teacher thought something was different in me to the other kids. Diagnosis no. I’m normal. Or so they said, this will have to wait until I talk about the third set of 21 years.

Secondary school followed, followed by Technical college and university. University did not work out. Personal motivation being a big cause of the early exit, all I am saying in this blog is that I did not finish my degree. The good thing about university is that here I was not bullied. Children are cruel, picking on anything that looks or reacts differently.

When I turned 21 I has started work in a fireworks factory.

The second 21

Another period of success and disappointment.

At work things went upwards at first. I went from making quickmatch to working in quality control to being the supervisor of the quality control. Then a further move to being foreman of one of the manufacturing sections.  That did not work out, some of those under me could take advantage of me. I did not read peoples body language well, manipulation came from this, plus other mistakes I made. But there was a lesson here, I am better at doing the work than I am at supervising.

Outside of work was better. I turned this set of 21 years single, living with parents. At the end I was married with three pre-teen children. All good things. Loving people is difficult at times, but never a negative experience.

The third 21

Personal life went on. The young children became older children and either left home and got married or got married and left home. The last six months of this set of 21 years saw both the birth of the first grandchild and the loss of my mother.

Work wise this period saw a bit of an upheaval.

I left the job at the fireworks factory, went to a dye house, mixing the colour. I was there for nearly four years before being made redundant. The business folded 6 months after I left.

Next were jobs with agencies, 12 months in a blow moulding factory making plastic parts for cars such as the ducts that went under the carpets, ended at the end of the contract, then 6 months in quality control in a car carpet factory. Then unfortunately unemployment.

8 months later I was employed again, back to operating machinery but now making components for the electrical industry. At the end of the contract I was replaced by a robot.

Then to warehouse work. One year in I had the accident that left my right foot arthritic, and worked in the goods inwards office. Pain of spending too much time led to me losing my temper and getting sacked. Another 7 months unemployed then the job I have been in for the last 4 years.

The next 21

Who knows. It will bring retirement for me and then for my wife. but then what. The only thing that is sure is that just as the first 3 sets of 21 were different to each other, then this will also be different again. Life is adventure.


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