Art for Art’s sake.

Sunday 19th February 2017

I was watching the BBC’s The Big Painting Challenge today. This sort of programme fascinates me.

When younger I though of myself as a budding artist. My O level fail said otherwise. What William McGonagall was to poetry I am to painting. But unlike McGonagall I have never produced anything I am proud of. I have tried on occasion. I have failed every time.

Am I put off?  Not the bit of it. There is something about the creative process that is compulsive and I can’t seem to put the idea.

This is a short blog, there’s not much to say about being rubbish at something. At this point in a blog there should be an example of my art, but I have treated it as it deserved. None have been completed and none kept. So instead here is what I aspire to be able to paint, by the master of landscape, Claude Monet.


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