What Would Donald Trump Do?

I do not know, I really, really do not know.

It is easy to judge a politician by his rhetoric, ever one who has only recently had to reluctantly admit that he is a politician. And many are doing.

But I am waiting. I am waiting for President Donald Trump to actually do something. I am reserving judgement until then. There will be things I agree with and things I do not agree with. I have never come across a politician who I could back 100%.

But Donald Trump has done nothing yet. At least nothing we should be surprised by. All we have seen is signing of executive orders which implement, in part, some of the promised he made whilst campaigning to be President. All he has said as President are things that would please those who voted for him.

But I am still waiting for the crisis that will be the mark of the man.

But before I go any further,  let me say that as a non American, a Brit living in England, I am more interested in the foreign policy of the USA, which affects people outside the United States, than I am about their domestic policy. I sympathise with people over US domestic policy, but at this stage want to keep out of this fight.

Back to President Trump’s crisis.

There has not been one yet. Not one that he needed to take immediate action on. Not one that is not covered by his electioneering promises. I am waiting to see how he reacts to a crisis such as a natural disaster, if an area is hit by earthquake, flood, famine, in his own country or abroad. If a war or other conflict breaks out.

In short there is an unanswered question of how the POTUS will react t such a crisis. (The flooding risk in California seems to being handled well by the Californian authorities without Presidential intervention.)

What would Donald Trump do? I do not know, I have absolutely no idea.

I am waiting to see, and reserving judgement until that time.

I am not optimistic, but I am hoping to be surprised.

Tell me what you think

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