Blogging through Lent

For almost as long as I have been writing blogs I have given myself the discipline to write 40 blogs during the period before Easter. Usually I commit myself to writing 40 blogs, but this year I cannot make that commitment.

I have been very tired lately after work, I don’t know whether it is down to being diabetic, or that arthritic pain is keeping me awake some nights. On top of that I did not take a break from work around my birthday in January, nor will be taking one at my wedding anniversary, as this year it falls near Easter. Instead there will be 5 days during Lent on a break in Bristol and Bath. It would not be fair to my wife to spend this time together blogging.

But I will be blogging more, without depriving myself of necessary sleep. I intend to cover:

  • Something from the services I attend on Sundays, it could be from the worrship, the sermon or a conversation over after service coffee.
  • Observations from our Church’s Lent course.
  • Looking at the parts of the Sermon on the mount that I have not already blogged about.
  • Anything else I feel strongly about at the time.

Tell me what you think

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