Intimacy in the Psalms.

I once took part in an online discussion on worship styles, Some liked the older style and some more modern styles. On that discussion those who preferred the traditional style of music were in the majority, but that didn’t put me off.
It is not much use getting into these discussions, music is an emotive subject, emotions can, and usually do, run wild. Music speaks directly to the emotional, any criticism of one’s preferred style tends to get an emotional response. Criticism of a preference is taken personally.

But I couldn’t help myself. It was not the usual criticism of modern worship songs as being Jesus is my boy friend songs – very few of them are – but the comment that they were all about me and God, as if there was something wrong with that.
It was probably wrong of me to then post what I posted, as irony does not often have a good response, but what I said went something like this:

You are right, These mentions of me in worship are terrible.
Take a look at this one.

The Lord is MY shepherd.
He makes ME to lie down in green pastures.
He leads ME beside still waters.
He restores MY soul.

All me, me, me. It should not be allowed.

Yes, I should not have said that, all it did was infuriate. There are more important things than being right.

There is nothing wrong with intimacy in the hymns and worship songs. Some of the Psalms are full of them.

God wants intimacy with us. And it is this intimacy which the psalmists spoke about. God already knows us intimately, and wants us to respond. Do not be frightened by the though of God knowing what you are like, God made you and God loves you.

2 thoughts on “Psalms

  1. acornsky

    Strangely, this morning my mp3 player (on shuffle) brought up a short talk by Larry Norman that I could swear I had never heard before. In it he raised precisely this criticism of worship as always being about ‘me and God’. I had exactly the same reaction to it as you. Plenty of things need to be about more than just ourselves and God, but worship is fundamentally about that specific relationship. Even corporate worship starts with the individual standing before God.

    1. Thanks for the reply, acornsky.

      My point is that the ‘me and God’ stuff is valid. But it is not the only thing that is valid. If all your worship songs were of the ‘me and God’ type it would be worrying, as worrying as it there were none.

      As for ‘Even corporate worship starts with the individual standing before God. I have never been keen on that argument.

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