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power failure

Journey to the cross (part 2)

Holy Trinity Church. Huddersfield, 19th March 2017

It goes like this:

We at Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield have been doing a series of sermons in Lent, this was the third. What follows are my impressions, based on my feelings without taking notes, and several hours later.

In the first 2 services we learned that Peter had declared that Jesus was the Messiah, then Jesus had told them what it meant to be a Messiah, certain death. 1

In the second, Jesus had gone up a mountain with Peter James and John, became glowing pure white and Moses and Elijah had appeared.  On the way down Jesus had spoken again about his going to his death. 2

In this one Jesus again tells his disciples about his coming death, but something happened first. Pandemonium.

Jesus had gone up the mountain with three disciples, leaving the other nine below. When they returned there were more than nine, there was a crowd. On top of the typical crowd behaviour, milling around, people talking at once, there were signs that things were not going well. The reason things were not going well soon became clear. A man had brought his demon possessed child to Jesus, but Jesus had not been there.

But this is a blog about my reactions to the sermon, and not the sermon itself, and it is nor a sermon in its own right, I remember wondering if the disciples had been given authority over demons, I knew they had been sent out to preach and teach, but could not remember if it was before this event or after it. I checked up. They had been given authority over unclean spirits when Jesus sent them out in pairs, and it was before this. (Mark 6:7) People who had experienced deliverance ministry could not deliver this lad from the demon trying to kill him.

Then Jesus delivers the boy. At least I’m presuming it’s a boy. I do not recall the son’s age being mentioned. But Jesus does concede that this is a particularly hard kind of spirit to remove, which only comes out by prayer.

There is a pattern emerging in Mark’s Gospel, Jesus does something that points to him being the Messiah, then explains what that means. The disciples are having a hard time getting their heads around the idea of a Messiah who dies. hat is not the sort they have been looking for.

1 Mark 8:27-38
,sup>2 Mark 9:1-13

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