…and so it ends. (Almost)

Way back on Ash Wednesday I blogged that I was unlikely to blog 40 times during Lent due to the fatigue I was feeling at the time. Now I am more optimistic. With 7 days left and 7 blogs to go the target is in sight.

Of those one will be based on whatever happens on tomorrows service, five are reflections on our church’s lent meetings, and one on the betrayal of Jesus. So it is doable, it is always easier to work to a plan.

On the blogs I have written, my plan to blog based on the sermon on the mount other than parts I had already blogged about got me through Matthew chapters 5 and 6 so there is chapter 7 to go. I will continue with that over the next few weeks, though the blogging frequency will go down.

So there we have it. I have achieved this target by blogging on Sundays so I had a flexibility to work around, I have to work and have a life outside of blogging. Some may noticed that on one Sunday I blogged twice, meaning that by Easter I will have only blogged on 39 different days. If you consider that to be cheating, sorry.

Here are the images I have used during Lent:

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