Hands that flung stars into space

Hands that flung stars into space…

…To cruel nails surrendered

Words from Graham Kendrick’s song The Servant King. Jesus who John’s Gospel tells us “Created everything there is, nothing exists he did not make,” (Living Bible)


When Mel Gibson made the film The Passion of the Christ, the hand you see nailing Jesus to the cross in the crucifixion scene is Gibson’s. Th reason is that as a sinner he was responsible for Christ’s death. Asssinners we all are individuallt responsible for Christ’s death.

The wounds on Jesus’s hands are ours. The marks that he still holds in heaven are marks made by me, by you. It is as if he has our names tattooed on his hands.

But it is not as bad as it sounds. Jesus died for those who killed him, for those who rebelled against God. It’s not just that God loved us while we were sinners, God loved us and died for us because we were sinners.  The holes which are still there in Jesus hands in heaven are a sign of his love for us.

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