That did not work

The best laid plans, and all that

The last 2 weeks in September my wife and I were on holiday in Ibiza.

Not the holiday, the holiday was not the thing that did not work: The holiday was great, it was the first time we have ever returned to a destination the following year. It was the reason for doing that. We like to explore new destinations on holiday, only to return to somewhere years later.

Sunset from Cafe del Mar, Sant Antoni, Ibiza

Back to Ibiza we went. Last year we went on holiday 6 days after my mum died and had to break the holiday to go to the funeral. It was on holiday in Ibiza last year that I first wept over my mother’s death. At the time this year’s holiday was booked I felt like going back to the place I mourned would be a good way to remember mum. That did not work.

In hindsight I would have been better to have been with members of my family, particularly Dad, on the anniversary of Mum’s death, but at the time of booking grief was making the decisions to some extent. I miss Mum, and I cried a little on the anniversary of her death, and again writing this.

But I make no excuses, I stand by the decision I made which seemed the right thing to do when booking. You make your decisions and live with them.

Mum and Dad.

As a memorial to Mum, the holiday failed.

As a holiday it was a good one. I love the relaxed atmosphere on Ibiza. It is a great place to unwind and enjoy yourself. I’ll have to go back for another holiday sometime.

But not next year, and not as an act of remembrance.

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