A very messy Christmas

The last straw


Today was our Messy Christmas Crib Service at Holy Trinity Huddersfield.

It started off with activities for the children, making cardboard crowns, camels out of food, pipe-cleaner stars for the Christmas tree, that sort of thing.

Then the service started. between Christmas carols the Christmas story was acted out by children dressed as angels, shepherds, wise men, Joseph and Mary. They sat on straw bales arranged around a crib filled with straw on a straw strewn floor.

Organising children at the best of times is like herding cats. My wife and I were there with our 17 month old granddaughter, and as children were aloud to roam, she roamed. My attempts at herding a single toddler was successful as she neither exited the building nor climbed the stairs to the balcony.

However what was happening with  the children still at the front, who had not wandered off, was organised chaos, only biased to one side, chaos won. The straw on the floor was being put into the manger. When they were asked nor to suffocate the baby one of the girls hoisted the doll representing baby Jesus out by a leg, dangling him upside down.

Then the straw fight started.

This was called messy church. This was messy church. A good time was had by all. All in all a successful service. The church was indeed messy as we left.

That was Christmas Eve. As I write this it will soon be Christmas day.

Merry Christmas to all.

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