Come further in! Come further up!


What an interesting year

There is a saying, “May you live in interesting times, and come to the notice of the authorities.” That phrase is believed to be a curse.

My interesting time this year was July and August, my work was deteriorating due to ill health and at the end of August I retired early. I am still tired a lot, but now I have the time to sleep a lot too. I discovered this month that the transfusion service do not want my blood either.

So 2017 is a pivotal year between what was my world of work and what is becoming a world of leisure.

A letter from a friend, one of those annual family updates, had a handwritten personal note

I enjoy your computer stuff, Steve, tasteful and otherwise!

Thanks for that Bob.

Tasteful or otherwise is something I will be taking forward into 2018: Speaking of which …


Come further in!

These words, from The Last Battle, from The Chronicles of Narnia book series are one of the things I hope to be pursuing in the new year.

I hope to be finding new ways to get closer to God. Some of this will, like some of my blogs, will be things I have had on my mind for some time. Others, also like some of my blogs, will be me thinking things out as I write on the page. One thing on my mind at the moment is the idea of a soul friend. We’ll see how that goes.

Come further up!

Also this year the search for what I will be doing physically will continue. What does god want me to do. In loving my neighbour as I love myself which neighbour is God leading me to? What shall I do to extend my social life now I have the extra time, I don’t want to spend all my time writing blogs sat in a chair.

There’s my health as well. I have a doctors appointment on January 18th, so we will see how that goes. Whatever happens I want to keep my weight under 13 stones.(182 lb, 82.5kg)

Where do I go with my music is another question I am asking myself for the year.


Have a happy, prosperous and Godly New Year.

2 thoughts on “Come further in! Come further up!

  1. Looking forward to hearing more as you explore ‘further up and further in’. Praying that you will find joy in the journey and reach the right balance πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Ros.

    I usually do find joy, even among the frustration. No, ESPECIALLY among the frustrations of life.

    God’s like that, may he be with you and bring you joy too.

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