A Busy Day

40 blogs of Lent – Day 5

Sunday 18th February 2018, Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield
and other places.

I am tired, very tired.

Sunday was a very busy day. I can remember the days when I would have been able to do a day like that with ease, but now, having retired early through fatigue, and still having medical tests. The last blood test was taken the previous Friday.

Sunday went like this: Church at 9am for the traditional service. Stayed for the 10.30 service with contemporary music. Out for a Sunday lunch with friends got home by 4.30. Had a sleep.  Then back to church for 7.30pm for our Lent Group. Finally home at 9.20. Most people would cope with this, but it was as much as my fatigued body could stand.

Why two morning services you might ask? The answer is that when I am playing music in the praise band in the second service, so I attend the first one so that I can listen to the sermon as I get distracted in a service in which I am involved, thinking about what I am going to do next. During the second service I was behind an array of seven cymbals and sat on a cajón, playing percussion.

Ear-worms and God’s faithfulness

The first chords played before the 9pm service, I was in my pew before this started put me in mind of the song ‘Don’t leave me this way: The Thelma Houston version with the great funky bass line. This became an ear-worm through both services that morning, ironic, as the words of that song said just about the opposite of the sermon that was preached. Like all my blogs, this is about what church and the Bible looks like through the eyes of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, we get easily sidetracked. I was sidetracked into 1970s disco.

The sermon, the first in a series on the Exodus, which we are having during Lent. We started at the beginning with Exodus chapter one, and the story of Moses.

God’s voice had not been heard for 400 years, the Jews had gone from being the family of Joseph, Prime Minister of Egypt, to being a despised minority, but a large minority. The reaction was one of hate from Pharaoh, first he tried to have all the new born baby boys killed, but this did not work, the Hebrew population kept on growing. So next was a decree to have all Hebrew boys drowned in the river Nile. An attempt to have a whole race of people wiped out.

Compare this to Herod, he had all the boys of Bethlehem killed. The answer to a perceived threat back then was genocide.

It is still the same in many parts of the world, Christians face real persecution in many parts of the world which is many degrees worse than the indifference and mild insults we get in the west.

But back to Moses. He gets but in a basket in the Nile, which was supposed to be the place of his execution, his own mother gets to bring him up, and gets paid to do it, and he ends up being part of the household of Pharaoh, the one who wanted him dead. The reading is here.

God is not distant. God is listening even when he seems to be silent.

These are my impressions from Sunday Morning.


But seeing the largest impression from the service was the ear-worm and the magnificent bass line, even if it was never part of the service, here’s Thelma …

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