What’s in your hand?

40 blogs of Lent – Day 17

What’s in your hand?

Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield, Sunday 5th March, 2018

Church today, and after trudging through the remains of last week’s unseasonably late snow, I grabbed an unusual for me before service coffee before entering the sanctuary.

Other than the outside temperature, there was nothing unusual about the sermon up until one point.

We are having a sermon series on the Exodus during Lent. This week it was about Moses being reluctant to do what God was calling him to do, making excuse after excuse, and God having an answer to each of Moses excuses. Moses did have a point at first, but Go had it covered. Even when Moses says, “send someone else,” and despite God being angry he was gracious with Moses.

We have had that sermon before.

The bit that stopped me though, was when our vicar Mike started speaking about the staff, an ordinary piece of wood in Moses hand. Mike said that God said, “What’s in your hand” to Moses and I thought we have had this sermon before. I could not remember who had preached it before, whether it was Mike, or someone else, possibly a previous vicar; I have been at this church for quite some time. I had the distinct feeling that I had to listen carefully, as what was being preached was important for this church congregation to hear now.

What is in your hand? God uses what you have, he used Moses’ staff and he can use what you have. Are you keeping something from Jesus?

At this point in the sermon, I got the feeling that God was that there was someone in the congregation that was holding something back from God. I decided to let Mike know this when the congregation was sharing God’s peace with one another. The peace sharing was cut from that week’s service. So as the final hymn was being announced I interrupted the service and came to the front. I spoke:

We have had this sermon before, about what is in your hand. I believe that God is saying to someone here that you have something in your hand that you are keeping from God,

I paused, that was all I had to say. I concluded:

Prayer ministry people are over here (pointing), Mike is still here, you know what to do.

After the service Mike thanked me for saying that, and one of the prayer team people told me that the Holy spirit was saying the same thing to him, and he wished someone would go up to say it. I had said exactly what the Spirit was saying to him.

But that was a specific message for a specific church at a specific time, so why put it in a blog? I have two reasons.

I want to ask if you are keeping anything at all back from God. Is God asking you about something specific?

Are you hearing the same thing in sermons or from other sources twice, or more often? Is God trying to tell you something through this?

Tell me what you think

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