40 Blogs of Lent – Day 23


Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield – Sunday 11 March 2018

Another sermon on the Exodus, and I have worked out where we are going, we are headed towards the Passover to coincide with us remembering Christ’s passion which happened at the memorial of that event. This either shows I am very astute, as the clergy have not actually said this, or very slow in realising what is going on. I suspect the latter.

There was a lot said about Mothers’ Day, as was to be expected. But that was not got my attention.

Anyway, the sermon was on Exodus chapter 5 where Moses asks Pharaoh to allow the Israelites to have a three day holiday in order to worship God and Pharaoh refusing, and increasing their workload instead.

It was a classically structured sermon, having three points each beginning with the same letter of the alphabet. The points were:

  • Salvation is political
  • Salvation is painful
  • Salvation is promise

But although I have taken notes that is not what struck me about the service. There had been a testimony earlier in the service.

A lady, I am calling her J, said that some tears previously she had after finding a lump been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had been prayed for at her then church, and operated on successfully. Then some time later she found another lump.

J was now attending our church. Before she saw a specialist she asked for prayer from a member of our prayer ministry team during the morning service, the next week, after cancer had been diagnosed again, she asked for prayer again and the Curate was called over to pray as well.

The day of the operation came. The doctor said he could feel no lump, the nurse could find no lump on the ultrasound scan and the surgeon confirmed there was nothing there. The cancer had gone. J praised God that he had given her healing.


For those interested in what the sermon said, they are recorded and it will be published here sometime in the next week or so.

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