Muslims come to Christ

Muslims come to Christ

And face retribution

Over the last year and a half I keep on coming across stories of Muslims turning to Jesus. As I started looking into this, the stories have changed from a trickle to a flood.

Dreams and visions

The first on its own, a North African man has seen a vision of Jesus, and was told, in the vision, to go to a beach, where he met an American Christian. Since then these stories have kept coming, many through the charity Open Doors. Christians in Muslim countries from North Africa to Iran to Indonisia have been reported seeing visions of Isa, the Arabic name for Jesus, welcoming them. This has included many visions during Ramadan, the Month when Muslims fast in order to be closer to God, of Jesus as a man in white.

Mass Conversions

It isn’t just Protestant sources that are reporting this, the Roman Catholic Church reports mass conversions, 6 to 8 million, of Muslims in Sub Saharan Africa. It has also been reported on Al Jazeera TV. It is said that Africa has become predominantly Christian, and that the terrorism of Boko Haram in Nigeria and other Muslim Terror organisations is because they are scared because of the rise of Christianity.

The refugee question

Another place where Muslims are becoming Christians are among the refugees in Western countries. Christian refugees are taking over churches that have been abandoned, by dwindling congregations.

In Germany there is evidence of widespread turning of Muslims towards Jesus amongst Iranian refugees. In Sweden and the Netherlands the converts are from Iraq and Syria.

The backlash

But there is a Muslim backlash. Radical Muslims are fighting back, often brutally againsy both Christian refugees from the historic Middle Eastern churches and against Christian converts from Islam. Over half of the refugees in Sweden have been subject to violent assaults, nearly half have received death threats and 6% have been sexually assaulted.

In Muslim countries persecution because of leaving Islam for Christianity has caused many to be ostracised by their families, losing their jobs and killed. In these places becoming a Christian means you will be persecuted. The blood of the martyrs is once again becoming the seeds of the church.

Let us thank God for what he is doing in bringing Muslims to know him. Let us also pray for those to whom persecution is a real daily occurrence.


2 thoughts on “Muslims come to Christ

  1. Keith

    Oh, god. God does NOT exist and anyone who thinks he does is delusional. there.
    is where I am, should you wish to be offended even further.

    1. Keith.

      Thank you for replying. The link you provided did not work, but I see that you blog on It has taken a while to find this as your reply went to spam and I have just checked the spam folder.

      As for wishing to offend, no, I wand to influence people and that would not happen if I offended them. Shame you did not refer directly to things on my blog as I would love to discuss this further.


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