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This blog is from 31 May 2012

Yesterday I got the news I was dreading,

I have been dismissed from where I work.

But before I let you know why I’d like you to look at this blog I wrote in March 2009. (Link no longer works.)

Wednesday 16th May 2012.

I blew it. I lost my temper with someone at work over something trivial.  Since then I have been at home on full pay waiting the outcome of a disciplinary hearing. Or so I thought.

Yesterday a card came through the post saying there was a letter for me at the post office in the town centre. It hadn’t been delivered because there was no stamp on it. It arrived at 1pm, which is the time our post normally arrives.

So it’s off to the town centre. I get the letter, which was dated one week ago. It tells me I am dismissed as of 23rd. May. To add insult to injury I have to pay postage and a handling charge.

The rest of the day has been taken up going to the Job Centre to be told I have to register as unemployed online, which I spent the rest of the afternoon filling out.

Today was a final visit to the old place of work to pick up some personal possessions and arrange for references, and this afternoon looking for jobs on the web. To sign on with an employment agency you need to upload your CV. There’s something, it is so long since I have changed jobs that I don’t have a CV saved on the computer, so it’s CV writing time.

As for the anger.

Three years ago I was worried about it. I’d been angry at work before the accident, but my style was not confrontational, more ranting at my supervisor (poor guy)  than facing up to the person I was angry with. I was hoping back then that my anger would abate once the insurance claim, and the stress associated with it, was trough that the anger would go back to pre accident levels. This has not happened.

The day after the confrontation at work I contacted my doctor. I am going to be referred to a psychologist. It’s a shame I should wait until something bad happens before I go for help.

This was a blog about anger. However I have since realised that what appeared to be a grown man having a tantrum like a five year old, is in fact a melt down due to my having Asperger’s Syndrome.

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