Names of God – Part 7

Names of God – Part 7

El Shadai

All sufficient mighty one.


El Shaddai, the stress on pronoucing the name should be  on the last sylable, dai.

There are three parts to the name here. El, the Hebrew word for God that is derived from mighty, and Shaddai, which is derived from two Hebrew words,words, shad and dai.

Shad means breast. The image here is feminine picture of God, of a mother providing milk for her child.

Just as an aside here, I wish that culture would allow women to breast feed in public more without feeling shame, especially if there are young children around as this would show not only the real purpose of breasts and not the sexualised versions unfortunately seen in society, but also to see the loving bond between mother and child. Mildly ranting tangent over.*

Back to talking about God, God is a provider of our needs in the way a mother cares for her children. God cares.

The last part, Dai, is a a word that means ‘poured out’ or ‘heaps up benefits.’ Putting the two togeter God is the provider not just of basic needs, but also a bountiful provider.

El Sadai, the God who completely nourishes, satisfies, and supplies His people with all their needs as a mother would her child. He is our sustainer.

God, I thank you that you are El Shaddai, the God who provides sustains and cares for me.


*Getting carried away on a tangent, Aspie brain is at it again

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