The Torch is coming

The Torch is coming

My old blog can no longer be accessed.

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This blog is from 23 June 2012

Tomorrow the Olympic Torch relay comes to Huddersfield. Here is the torch route. (Old link no longer works) Starting at the Croppers Arms Hotel in Marsh it passes the top and bottom gates of Greenhead Park on its way down to Huddersfield town centre. Once the torch has passed there is a party in the park with jugglers, musicians and street performers. Bring your wellies, it could be muddy. More like the Glastonbury Festival than a Sunday Afternoon in the park. Which is a coincidence, because like Glastonbury, Huddersfield has a tower on a hill.

The reason it could be muddy is the rain. It rained last night,it really rained last night. A month’s rainfall in 12 hours. Of 43 flood warnings in England last night, 15 were in the Huddersfield area. There’s more rain due today.

But less of my typically British whining about the weather  and back to the Torch. On its way to the town centre the torch will pass three churches. All are giving away refreshments.

Gledholt Methodist Church is giving away drinks, and also having children’s games. Holy Trinity Huddersfield (Church of England) are serving hot and cold drinks outside and New North Road Baptist Church will be inviting people in for free tea and coffee.

Seeing churches giving something away will be a shock for people who are used to seeing churches asking for money.

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