Names of God – Part 12

Names of God – Part 12

Elohim Yistraeli

God of Israel


This is the last of my blogs on the compound El forms of the names of God, except for those compounded with Yah forms of the names, coming up in the next few blogs.

Elohim Yistraeli, The God of Israel. This name is used in the 2nd book of Kings in a prayer by King Hezekiah, and also consistently in the book of the prophet Isaiah.

Israel is the name given to Jacob after he had met with God, the God of Jacob has been dealt with in part 10 of this series. The name is plural, meaning the people of Israel, but it is more than just a name of a people, throughout his book Isaiah uses a formula of writing to the people of Jacob which are called Israel (e.g. Is 37:16, 43:1, 44:1.and 48:1). In other words Isaiah is saying you are called by the name Israel but you are really Jacob, you are not the transformed people of God, you are living as the untransformed people.

I am interested in asking the hard questions and looking at the meanings of the names of God raises questions. Such as “how does this relate to me and my situation in the 21st Century?”

Are you living as the untransformed people of God or are you personally untrasformed? God is the transformer, his Spirit works upon people and within Christians to transform them into the likeness of God, to become the person God made them to be. But only if the person lets them. Will you let God transform your life and your relationships into his likeness nd become who you are meant to be?


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