Making space for God: Where is your garden?

Making space for God


Where is your garden?

The Hebrew word for garden: gannah literally means ‘a covered or hidden place,’ this kind of garden in biblical times was usually a walled enclosure, a place with winding paths, fruit trees, running water, fountains, sweet smelling herbs and blossoms a beautiful, tranquil sheltered place!

We need to make space in our lives for a regular encounter with God. Jesus made times to be alone with his Father, sometimes going into the wilderness to pray, sometimes getting up early in the morning so that he would not be disturbed, sometimes spending a whole night in prayer. Sometimes he would go into a garden, not like an English suburban garden, with people able to see you over the garden wall, but something more like the formal gardens at stately homes. Or like a park. Jesus also made time for corporate worship, we are told it was his habit to go to Synagogue on Saturdays.

To keep a relationship with his Father in Heaven, Jesus made private and public prayer a priority. If Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, The Word of God made flesh, God in human form needed to make habits to be in contact with his father, so do you and I. It is not easy this regular praying, there is always something grabbing our attention, and if you are like me, with a short attention span, you need an inner plan to keep yourself on track. Lectio Divina helps for me and has for some 20 years.

I still meditate in the bath. I started doing so out of necessity, as it was the only place I could get peace and quiet when three young children were running around the house. I got into that habit, and still do after these kids have grown up and married. Recently an app on my smartphone, YouVersion, has helped me with keeping up to reading the Bible.

How you find a time and place to be with God is between you and God, we are all at different stages of our faith journey, have different family and work commitments and live in different cultures. I am not telling you how to make space for God, just recommending that you do.

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