Christ the King, Battyeford, Sunday 16 September 2018

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Two years ago, on the 18th September 2016. I went late to Christ the King to deliver the sad news to my Father that my mother and his wife had passed away in the night. Today, on the nearest Sunday to that day, my wife Linda and I were back at Dad’s church on the nearest Sunday to that event.

The service was without Maggie the Vicar, who is on a coast to coast walk to raise money under the title Walking for water. We were told that the Walkers had plenty of Water fall on them. The notice sheet showed that over £7,000 has been raised so far. Well done them (especially Molly the dog).

There was a stand-in organist as well.

At the beginning of the service, we were told there were visitors who had flown in and others from Huddersfield (that would be us). The sermon was on the 3rd Chapter of the Epistle of James about the need to control the tongue.

The old Christ Church, Battyeford

After the service, I bumped into an old friend, Chris. We had been head Choristers here in Christ Church, the building that this 1970s building had replaced, and lived two doors away. We reminisced about his den, an old coal store he had cleaned out and kept his American comics and back copies of Mad magazine in. I had to go to his house to see superhero comics as they were too violent for my mother to have in the house. It was Chris and his wife who had flown in to visit. Now living in Italy.

After the service, Linda and I got a lift back to Dad’s house from Monica and Jack a couple from the church. I love the way we are made to feel welcome every time we visit.

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