“You are not disabled…”

“You are not disabled…
“…You just walked across the room”

Buffet meals are the bain of my existence. Walking wilt crutches, using a buffet I need one hand for the left crutch, one for the right crutch, one to hold the plate and one to hold the spoon to put food onto the plate. Can you see a problem there? Worse still are the buffet meals where you eat standing up.

What would you think if someone left their sticks, or even got up from their wheelchair, to walk across to the buffet? In other circumstances what if someone gets out of a car in a disabled spot and walks into the store?

A lot of people do not realise that there are different reasons for using walking aids or wheelchairs and not all disabilities are visible. There are a number of cases where notes have been left of cars where people with no medical training think they can make a diagnosis in a few seconds on sight alone. This one is from last summer.

In my case, I can walk, but it is painful, especially when turning or twisting, short journeys to a buffet are more convenient without sticks, as is standing for short periods. It is also very tiring. But I put up with the pain and tiredness out of convenience. Buffets are mostly indoors too, with flat level floors which are easy for me to cope with. For cobbled streets or walking distances, I need walking aids. With crutches, I can participate in a lot of activities. Crutches make a normal life normal.

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