Reform: a grassroots movement?

Is Christian reform a grassroots movement?

I would answer this question in two ways.



But first let me say what I am talking about. Christianity has become such a religion of jargon that it is easy to say one thing and be understood as saying another. I am not talking of the tradition of Reformed Christianity that arose  In the 16th Century, but general reform in churches.

A grassroots movement

Reform does not happen from the top down. Even when led from high up in the church it has to have the support of the people in the pew. Any reform has the backing of the ordinary people it is sometimes led by them, always supported by them. Without the grassroots there is no reform.


A God led movement

It isn’t that simple. Reforming the church has got to be a God led movement. The Holy Spirit is the instigator and provides the motivation. If the people are introduced to the Holy Spirit in their lives, get to know Jesus personally, and give themselves to God’s kingdom in ways that can be evangelistic, social or both. God has a concern that all people will be saved, God also has concern for the poor, the disadvantaged, the dispossessed, the orphan and the widow. Good news to the poor is literally that, good news to the poor.

A prayer led movement

All reform movements, all revival movements, have another thing in common, prayer. Prayer is the engine of reform that the Holy Spirit fuels. Telling Gods your hopes and dreams, and listening to him for his guidance, with others is the start of revival and reform. When the Spirit moves, she moves on those who are ready and willing to be moved. Are you ready to be moved? Do you want God’s Spirit to blow through your church, your town, your country. Are you ready to pray, pray and pray in a way that is open to what God wants you to do? Then start doing it.

In conclusion, reform in the church is not grassroots led like a political movement is grassroots led. Reform is from God, empowered by God and ends in God. But God is Gracious enough to include us in his work. People from every level, including the grassroots.

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