Spirit break out: Shine #HT200

Spirit break out

Holy Trinity Church Huddersfield, Sunday 9th June 2019


imageJust the one word “Wait,” and then a pause was how the sermon started. My day started less well.

I awoke tired. Not because I had a bad night’s sleep, but because I am thoroughly exhausted. That was not good as I was to be the percussionist in the later morning service. Exhaustion is not good for people with autism, I felt close to meltdown.

Fortunately God had other ideas. As we were rehearsing the song Spirit Come Down I felt something profound happen. Heaven touched Earth and I felt revived. It was not until I was home after the service that the tiredness returned. Here are the lyrics:

Our Father
All of Heaven roars Your name
Sing louder
Let this place erupt with praise
Can you hear it
A sound of Heaven touching earth

Spirit break out
Break our walls down
Spirit break out
Heaven come down

King Jesus
You’re the name we’re lifting high
Your glory
Shaking up the earth and sky
We wanna see Your Kingdom here

This was the service at the start of our mission week, “Shine”. The mission and the Holy Spitit coming dominated what was said, prayed and sung during this service.

The sermon. The disciples were told to wait, they needed to be utterly dependent on God. They needed to be empty.

They prayed and prayed, because they had been called to do an impossible task. The church is called to do this impossible thing too, to spread the message of the good news to the whole world. They were empty, Luke’s shows this in his report of how the disciples behaved in Acts chapter 1. But they were told “you will receive power.” The church was born at Pentecost but was conceived in the victory of Easter.

They were all in one place praying, the church had to wait until the promise was fulfilled. Prayer is the foundation of the Church, we are fully reliant upon God. “God give us what you promised us,” is our prayer.

Everything depends on us speaking God’s word. God promises to speak through his people and the power to proclaim is promised. We need to purchase the promise in prayer.

The events are only there to bring people to meet Jesus, it is all about Jesus. The Spirit who came in tongues of fire set the disciples  tongues on fire. The people listening heard Jesus being preached in their own language, in their own native language. In that way they could understand, what was spoken to them. The Spirit always points people back to Jesus.

2000 years on the message is the same. “You will have power and you will be witnesses.”



Remaining events

Just Fashion Event with Charlotte Instone
Monday 10th June 7.30pm

My Magic, My Story with John Archer
Tuesday 11th June 7.30pm

Tea Dance
Wednesday 12th June 2.00pm

Has Science Debunked God? with Revd Prof David Wilkinson
Wednesday 12th June 7.30pm

Chocolate Tasting Masterclass with David Greenwood-Haigh
Thursday 13th June 7.30pm

Beer Festival
Friday 14th June 1.00pm

Youth Breakfast Club
Saturday 15th June 9.30am

Family Fun: Let’s Get Creative
Saturday 15th June 1.30pm

Ready to Shine? with Robin Gamble
Saturday 15th June 7.30pm

Book event tickets online at http://www.holytrinityhuddersfield.com/shine/ or contact the office.

Song copyright William McDowell.

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