176 reasons to praise God’s law

Commanding Scripture

Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield, Sunday 1st September 2019

Guided by God:1


Holy Trinity is back to its usual service plan of an early traditional service at 9am and a contemporary service at 10:45. I attended the earlier one, not my usual choice, but I was having a day in Cheshire, visiting the Anderton Boat Lift near Northwich. On the way back the weather was seasonally wet. clothes were damp enough to be slightly uncomfortable but not wet enough to need changing, not enough time to that, nor time, it was time for a quick sandwich and coffee and off for parts west.

The new sermon series to fit with the new term was Guided by God; the screens during the sermon gave a subtitle Thinking like a Christian.  The reading the sermon was based on was Psalm 119, 24 verses from it, fortunately not all 176 verses.  The sermon title was Commanding Scriptures.  Psalm 119 has words for praise in every verse, God is the guide of those who will follow him, that is worth praising.

The qualities of meditating on scripture—it has to be slow, take time on God’s word—bring wisdom insight understanding. To be blessed by God means living his way.

I made more notes than this, but they did not save. Also, I did not find the sermon particularly memorable, which is unusual for Holy Trinity, when I do these blogs There is usually a lot going around in my head to choose from. I usually have to choose what to omit, having no content is a new experience.

The problem I have here is that I think visually and logically, there not a lot you can do to paint a picture that speaks to the senses when the passage in question is 176 reasons to love God’s law. I am not criticising the Sermon in any way, it just didn’t have anything that stuck in my visual brain.



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