Lent — what I am doing and what I am giving up

Giving up sarcasm for Lent

40 blogs of Lent: Day 1

A white cup of coffee with steam coming off sits among roasted coffee beans.


It is Lent, that traditional time for giving things up. I will probably be taking up sleeping for Lent, but this is a consequence, not part of the plan. What I am doing is giving up caffeine, and as someone who drinks americano with a shot of espresso in order to stay awake when writing blogs, I foresee falling asleep blogging will become part of my lifestyle over the next six and a half weeks.

Sarcasm, really?

Giving things up for Lent is not an end in itself. It is part of spiritual discipline in preparation for Easter. To that end I am attempting something positive: Giving up sarcasm. Yes, really. There is a positive side to this, where I would use irony, including sarcasm, I am going to attempt saying something positive and kind instead.


As in previous Lents, I will also be challenging myself to blog on each of the fast days, that is the days that are not Sundays. Where I am blogging on a Sunday, such as Palm Sunday, it will be a transferred day, the Saturday becoming blog free. The subject this year will be more of Matthew’s Gospel, chapters 10 to 13, or as far as I get in the time, and then a separate series for Holy Week. Monday blogs will continue to be about what happened in church the previous Sunday.

This is the first of the 40. Only 39 to go.

4 thoughts on “Lent — what I am doing and what I am giving up

  1. John

    Never. I don’t think you can last 40 days without sarcasm. Coffee maybe. Well done for trying and for highlighting the issues.

  2. I am giving up talking unless really necessary. Can’t take anything up as some recommend just no free time.. However did just spend a couple of hours telling God all about it. Not a one sided conversation He did give me directions… Blessings

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