How to interrupt, and other autistic social dilemmas

I get interrupted constantly. People cannot read me. To be told I am wrong when I haven’t got to the point I am making is a common experience. When I try to tell them, “That is not what I was saying,” and it is conversation over, The people that interrupted me accuse me of interrupting.

I want to be a better communicator. So I have watched people in general. People do not finish sentences, a conversation is a series of interruptions. One person is talking, when they pause for breath someone else speaks, as they pause another says something about what they said. Conversations have a life of their own, if they consist of tree or more people they go off on tangents, sometimes more time is spent on the tangents than on the main subject. If there is no subject as in a general conversation the subject of the conversation wanders. Conversations are alive and wild, nobody controls them.

But there must be some clue and cue as to when it is your turn to speak. Whatever it is I have no idea. When I feel interrupted other people seem to think what was done was OK. The exception is the local autistic adult group, we seem to know when to come in. It looks like the dreaded double empathy is at work here. This is just one aspect of the social awkwardness of my autism.

2 thoughts on “How to interrupt, and other autistic social dilemmas

  1. I interrupt and wander off the subject. I have a fear that people do not want to hear what I have to say. If I wait it is conversation over and I haven’t said anything!

    I must learn to be more patient and a better listener.

    James is great on some of these topics.

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