He’s gone

At 12 noon US Eastern time, 5pm my time, a transition of power occurred. Donald Trump ceased to be the President of the United States of America, succeeded by Joe Biden.

Joseph R Biden being inaugurated as President of the USA
Picture from the New York Times

Things look different already. The new Vice President, Kamala Harris, is an interesting choice as in the primaries she attacked Biden on more than one occasion for supporting other Senators who had a poor record on race, yet Biden chose her as his running mate. It is good that someone realises that it is good to trust someone who will call you out, it shows a humility on Biden’s part.

I was worried in the Trump years. It was tempting to drop using the Evangelical tag because of how some Christian leaders, including Franklin Graham were saying things which I find to be deeply unChristian in their support of Trump. I find Trump’s foreign policy to be directly against that of the Bible, where the Israelites were commanded to look after the foreigner in their land the same as a native. Compare that to building a wall to keep them out. Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” Trump attacked the New York Times, a newspaper which had built its reputation on reporting the truth, and called it “Fake news.” This tactic did not make any more people believe what Trump was saying, but it made people doubt everything, it is a dangerous world where objectivity is removed.

So do I say that Donald Trump and those religious leaders are not Christians? No, not at all. That is not my decision to make.

Early on in Trump’s term I said such things, but when reading through the parable of the wheat and the tares God spoke to me. Let what you see as weeds growing amongst the crop alone, you do not know if it is part of God’s crop or not, it is God who will sort them out at the final harvest.

So I will continue to accept these people as brothers and sisters in Christ, even Donald Trump himself. But I will also continue to talk about God’s love for all people, male and female, black or white, straight or LGBT+, cisgender or trans; God loves us all equally. I will also continue to call out religious leaders where I see them going against what I see as the will and love of God.

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