Get your awe back

New year resolutions

A Venn diagram with one circle marked "Things that matter" and the other "Things you can control." The overlap is labelled, "What you should focus on,"
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It was in early December that someone in Holy Trinity Huddersfield, said she always prayed to God for something each new year and that it was always fulfilled. although sometimes it was very late in the year before that occurred.

So I prayed: I got, “Get your awe back.” It’s true, my faith has been more about clinging to God in dark places than being in awe of God’s wonder and majesty. But it also occurred to me that the people who mention the awe of God the most are not always the most practical. So after more prayer over a couple of weeks, I have come up with a plan. To be in awe of a practical God, one who gets his hands dirty and requires us to get our hands dirty.

This practical awe of God is one of the things I shall be looking at on the Wednesdays in Lent this year:

  • The state of my discipleship, will I obey Christ’a teaching?
  • Christ’s example of accepting all who will listen?
  • How to bless those who curse you?
  • I need to move from mercy to mercy and grace.
  • The kind of life to which guidance makes sense.
  • Can God move through your cultural forms?

So I welcome 2023 and wish you all a happy new year.

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