Lent 2023

This year will be different. I will not be attempting to publish 40 blog posts in this period but I will be publishing three different threads which I am hoping will be finished in time to post each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A cross in silhouette against a sky just before dawn. The caption reads "No share in God's Glory without the cross."

Giving away power.

The first of these will start with looking at the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness, and how Jesus refused to exercise his power on each occasion. Then there’s how Jesus sent out his disciples, and Jesus giving away his power each time.

The final three look at the dangers of people in the church exercising their power over others in an un-Christlike way.

I am hoping to post this group on Fridays, not including Good Friday.


The second group, to be published on Mondays, is a look at some of the Psalms not in the psalter, starting with the Lamentations of Jeremiah and the third chapter of the prophet Habakkuk.

The practical awe of God

“Get your awe back,” is the title of my New Year’s resolution blog, published on 1st January this year. This is a challenge as I am not feeling the awe that I did when I was a young Christian, except for brief moments which fade after a couple of days. So far I have only got the names of six steps of practical steps to achieving this and it promises to be challenging to write. I’m looking forward to this.


To round all this off I am hoping to write reflections for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

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