It’s Good News Week.

Holy Trinity, Huddersfield 1
Holy Trinity, Huddersfield 1 (Photo credit: Tim Green aka atoach)

We’ve made the news.

We being Holy Trinity Church Huddersfield, and the news being th local paper.

Here’s the story.

Not only that, we made the editorial column, A few words about respecting graves.

The story says: The site had for years been a hangout for nuisance drinkers and drug addicts who peppered the site with empty cans, bottles and needles.

Which by coincidence was published last Tuesday. That same day,  leaving the church’s prayer meeting, we bumped into three of those same nuisance users of our churchyard, right by the door (there is light there) in the process of making up whatever concoction it was that they were planning on eating/drinking/inhaling/injecting.

I tried to talk to them, concious that some of those still in the building who would be put off by drug addicts, or at least have been conditioned by the media portrayal  of the same. I can’t help feeling that rather than wait for the church to go out to the mission field that he has brought those we are meant to be ministering to right up to our front door.

[Edit to add] The story of the churchyard was blogged by my alter-ego, Xote the Donkey on September 7

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