Born to be mild

Life in the fast slow lane.


The annual Mensa boat trip, and this time they brought me along. I suppose it was to pull the narrowboat, but fortunately it had an engine. I don’t know what use they thought a stuffed toy would be though. This is my impersonation of Leo diCaprio from Titanic.

I'm on top of the world

And here’s Captain Smith trying to emulate his namesake from that ship.

Captain of the good ship titanic
Captain of the good ship titanic

The boat was a converted freight boat, with some plastic sheeting if there was rain. There was rain, this was mid-October after all. Heres the crew assembled, with sheeting up and sheeting down.

The crew...with the covers down

The cruise was underway, pausing for bridges…

Bridge crew

Through the bridge

A quiet cruise on the Peak Forest Canal, what could we do for excitement? Roberta had an idea…

Roberta balancing 1

Roberta balancing 2

Roberta balancing 3

Roberta balancing 4

Hello Alan

What is there to say? Coffee, beer, cider and wine were drunk, food was eaten, provided by Linda, The Cake Crusader. and the boat was returned to the yard where we got it.

Nothing more to say, here’s more pictures.

Canada Geese

Graham and Linda wrapped up against the cold

Wht are they looking at

Garden Ormanent

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