Why I don’t mind UKIP

News from the past week:

The flood of immigrants expected from Bulgaria and Romania failed to happen, the gush was only a trickle.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been declared bankrupt, despite having an MEP’s salary.

300 journalists were at Luton Airport on January 1st to meet the first flight in to Britain after the lifting the restrictions on migrant workers from these two countries. People wanting to make political capital from the influx must have been disappointed. Still the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation) had to interview UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

But Why?


Why do the BBC have to publicise this party, which in effect is no more than a pressure group? No sensible person could imagine that UKIP could form the government after the next election. But whenever there is an immigration question the BBC always gives prominence to UKIP. Rather than the government or opposition parties.

I have been sceptical of the estimated numbers of immigrants. In 2006, a few months before Bulgaria and Romania joined the EC, I was in Bulgaria and a lot of the people who would be migrant workers were already out of the country: Some, unfortunately in Greece, but some had gone to Poland to fill the labour shortage caused by migrant workers leaving there. I never thought that vast numbers of Bulgarians arriving was ever likely.

I don’t agree with UKIP’s premise, that immigrants will take our jobs. In the very short term there will be a blip, but these people will require housing, food, clothing, fridges, washing machines etc. Soon after that they will start buying non essentials such as smart phones and computers – more so than the proportion of the general population as they are more likely to Skype back to their own countries. This creates a demand on the service industries, all this stuff has to be transported.

The previous influx, from Eastern European EU countries, did not not cause a vast rise in UK unemployment. Employment levels were higher than they have ever been before the worldwide recession struck in the latter part of the 2008 – 2009 financial year.

In short immigration is good for the wealth of the country. Campaigning on things that will make people fearful of their jobs being taken is dishonest in my opinion.

Farage has his good points. He recently said that the UK should be accepting refugees from Syria. Unfortunately he has had to back down on this due to pressure from party members, ans is now saying we should only be accepting Christian Syrian refugees. The problem with having a party manifesto which appeals to people who are racist is that these racists can come to dominate the party’s policies.

Poor Nigel, on top of this year’s embarrassment of having to sack MEP Godfrey Bloom in the last year because of his “Bongo Bongo land” comments he has had to retreat on what was a very fair policy. Farage has to control the racist element in his party if he is to succeed.

Which is why I don’t mind UKIP, not because I agree with their policies, I don’t. But because they are likely to attract voters who would otherwise vote for the BNP. Anything that reduced the credibility of the BNP has to be a good thing. That is if Farage can control the racist element in his party. If he can’t there every probability that UKIP could descend into becoming BNP Lite.

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