Jesus is political

Jesus is Lord. We sing that and proclaim that on Sundays and other days. But I sometimes think that we don’t realise how political that statement is.

Jesus is LordBack in the day when the Bible was being written and the early Christians began saying Jesus is Lord, the politicians were telling people to proclaim that Caesar is Lord – which is why the statement is so political, because if Jesus is Lord it means that Caesar is not Lord, and that is a dangerous thing to say.

It is all about what Jesus is Lord means – It means that Jesus is the boss, it means that Jesus is in charge , it means that Jesus decides where our lives go.

What it does not mean is that I am the boss, it means I am not in charge of my life, it means that I do not decide where my life goes. And neither do you about yours.

To the early Christians it meant that Caesar was not in charge. To us it means that neither Queen Elizabeth nor David Cameron are in charge. Nor Barak Obama, nor Vladimir Putin nor ……… (insert your country’s leader here).

That is not just political, that is subversive.

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