The “Celebrate” rule of church music


A long time ago my eldest daughter said something profound* that stuck in my mind.

I say a long time ago, it was sometime in the late ’90s and we were in church after the service had finished. She was then in her early teens. What she said was about music:

“I prefer new songs to traditional ones, but some of the traditional ones are all right, like Come on and Celebrate.

Come on and Celebrate was at that time considered by many in our church as being a new song, we rarely sing songs which are less than a few years old, we even have people in our church who think that 1970s choruses now is being modern.

S how can a song that was published only 13 years previously be traditional? The answer is if you are only 14, the song was published when you were 1 year old and you have grown up with it. To you it will be no less traditional than songs from the 18th century.

Next time you hear the church youth saying they want modern music, it could be they are talking bout music from the last 5 to seven years. All else is traditional to them.


*This in not the first time this has happened.

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