Climate change and Theology (part 2)

I have been looking at the TED Talks.


One which is up this month is by climate scientist Gavin Schmidt on the emergent patterns of climate change.

When talking of models of climate change Schmidt says, “Modals are not right or wrong, they’re always wrong. They are approximations.” The question is whether a model gives you more information than you would have had otherwise have got, is it skilful?

Now if we took this aproach to tho christianity things could be different, We have so many different models: bout the end times are you pre-millennial, post-millennial, amillennial or preterist? Is your view of salvation Penal-substitution or Christus Victor (or one of the others, and there are a lot of others).

But what if we look at these models the way Schmidt looks at his models. They are all wrong but we can learn from them things we would not otherwise know. This could stop a lot of unnecessary bickering.

Tell me what you think

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