Churches and the media

Last week I read a blog.

Nothing unusual about that, it was a blog urging churches to use the media more. I found it via a Facebook or Twitter link, or it could have been via the blogging site WordPress, I can’t remember where I linked from or who it was by and I can’t find it again. Automatic Windows updates means I lost the tab I had it in.


But still I remember the gist, and I remember agreeing with most of it. (This could be damning with faint praise, so it is probably as well that I can’t find it.)

Christians should be involved in the media it said.


Churches should be on Facebook and Twitter.


Churches could blog.


Christians could webcast.

Good. (Well goodish).

If you are wondering what a webcast is, it is an audio or video published on the world wide web. Like a radio or television programme.

Churches have a wealth of things they could webcast, They could publish their sermons

If you think I’m going to say good to that you have another think coming.

What should follow here is a rant about the quality of sermons and the harm it would do the church if we had a glut of them published. But I’m not going to do that.

What I am going to do is assume that your church has brilliant preachers who week by week say things that inspire and motivate the congregation. I’m also assuming that your services and ministry draw people in. That your evangelistic sermons are successful. In other words I’m assuming you are the best there is. Surely you could webcast your sermons?


Because before you think of webcasting look at what good webcasting looks like.  As an example of good webcasting I recommend looking at the TED site. (Available here, or as an app if you are using Windows 8.) Look at how long a Ted talk lasts, there is one that runs for over 18 minutes, but then again they can be under 5 minutes long. They tend to be bout the ten minute mark.

How long are your sermons? Around ten minutes or shorter? Go ahead and webcast it.

More than ten minutes? You are probably OK then.

Always over ten minutes? They need work before you publish.

And length isn’t everything, content is important too. Look at what is good and emulate it.

2 thoughts on “Churches and the media

  1. Thanks for this blog. Don’t think I’ll be webcasting anytime soon anyway. Only just getting the hang of blogging!

    I’ve just started blogging the sermons I preach and found how difficult it is transferring between the notes for my spoken sermons and writing them up in a blog. I’ve only got one post up at the minute. There will be more to follow.

  2. Keep at it. My thought on blogging sermons it that a classic 3 point sermon would be better as 3 blogs, not one.

    My advice is blog about what you know and learn from the best. My favoutite Christian blogger is the Bishop of Leeds designate and former Bishop of Bradford Nick Bains.-

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