This is what happens if you don’t vote

Apathy wins.

UKIP won the Euro elections, with an 11% increase in their share of the vote. Well done.

But let’s get this right. The vote was down from 34.7% of the population in 2009 to 33.8% in 2014. Only 9% of the electorate voted for UKIP to contribute to their earthquake in British politics. This is what happens if you don’t vote — apathy wins.

But apathy isn’t something new, certainly not over the last five years, 34.7% is not good by any expectations. But don’t let the politicians blame the voters for not turning up. This is what has been happening to the membership of the major parties in the post war years.

Leaving the party

Not good for the Conservatives in particular, but here is decline across the board. The biggest decline being duing Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister when the Conservative membership went from 1.2 million down to around 400,000. That’s two thirds of  the party membership.

The politicians have got themselves to blame for the low voting levels. If they can’t keep their party members interested why do they expect the rest of the country to support them.

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