The Sky’s the limit

I haven’t made a cycling blog for a while, so here goes.

Saturday I went out for a bit of a ride. The weather was good, so dressed in my best MAMIL* attire I set off for a bit of a tootle round.

It wasn’t long before I saw some more cyclists on the road. “Are you going to see Team Sky?” one asked. They were out on a training run and were covering the route of Stage 2 of this year’s Tour de France.

So I set off in the direction of Holme Moss, the highest climb on the Yorkshire stages of the tour. Not a good idea for a 60 year old man, and not a good idea for a cyclist with an arthritic foot. But if we only did things which are good ideas where would the fun be?

The closer to the climb the greater the tour mania.

A  pub on the route has a polka dot sign, after the jersey worn by the leader in the mountain classification, and on the climb fields were advertising themselves as camp sites. The best one, just before the alpine bends started, was a field saying it was the Holme Moss Food Fayre — “Reyt Fodder for Reyt Folk Reyt here.” I wonder what the people who are watching the Tour from other countries will make of that use of dialect?

AS for me, I didn’t make it to the top, but with only the last of the bends to go I don’t think it is too bad for a 60 year old arthritic. I’d have liked to make it to the top though. I hope to do it in five weeks time when the Tour actually comes through.

I found that my cycling is good enough to keep up with club cyclists on Holme Moss though. Are you impressed? I thought so, but I have to confess it was downhill, but I still feel pleased, on that gradient round those bends at those speeds is scary. A little too fast or with the wrong line on the corners and you are on the wrong side of the road, and there was oncoming traffic. I followed their line round the corners nd was safe … ish.

But I din’t see Team Sky. The word on the street was that they’d be there between 12.30 and 1 pm, but I’d come out without food and little money. Hunger took over.

Still I wasn’t disappointed. It isn’t as if I set out to see them. For those patient enough Team Sky did turn up later, after 3.00pm. That’s the problem with arthritis, you need to get back for the painkillers.


MAMIL = Middle Aged Man In Lycra.


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