Good countries

A good country is not necessarily a rich country. Nor is it a happy country. There is a lot of information on these two. But recently a new index has come out, one which measures how good a country is seen to be, from the point of view of other countries. The index is published here, and shows from a list of 125 countries which is the best country, from an external point of view. And the winner of the good country is Ireland. That doesn’t mean that Ireland is the best country, as this index ignores how a country treats its own citizens. But what it does mean is that if you are thought of as being a good country it will make trading with other countries easier, so it is important to be seen as a good country. And the site is well designed too, particularly with a touch screen athough it shows results by country rank rather than by absolute. At least the different categories are shown, so if one thing is more important to you than others you can see how your country compares. Plus the scoring is relative, so giving to charity is relative to GDP, so there is no advantage of being large, or rich. Kenya, at 26th in the list is by no means a rich country. But so much of what we see from our politicians is parochial, what we can do for our own citizens is what wins elections. We need to get the message across to our politicians that we live in a global community, we need to take the wants and needs of other countries into account as well. It s good for out economy to do so.

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