Remembrance again.

There is a reason to remember. It informs us of who we are. Not just who we were but who we are. Things that have happened in out past and how we reacted to them make a difference to who we are in the present. Which is why it is important to remember. Remembering is putting the past back in order, sorting out when, where and how things happened is a way into our personalities.

But what of those with dementia, who are unable to remember things in order, if at all? What does that make them? That is a question that I have no answer.

A few weeks ago Mum went into care. Her dementia has become too bad for Dad to cope with. We knew the time for this would happen sooner or later, but unfortunately it was sooner. She still has plenty of memories, but is having trouble putting them into a coherent order.

Dementia is cruel, slowly stealing who you are. But she is still Mum.

Please pray for Mum. And for Dad, coming to terms with being on his own.

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