Let’s talk about sex

There’s a funny thing about sex.

No I’n not saying the old joke that a woman naked except for her stockings is erotic, but a man naked except for his socks is ridiculous.

But I an talking about what is erotic. It isn;t as simple as a lack of clothes, On holiday this tear there were a lot of people wearing very little on the beaches, and hardly any of it would be what I’d call erotic.

On the other hand my dailt commute can put me in a position where a woma wearing a skirt an inch above the knee is sittig in a position where anothe two inches can be seen. I am too much of a gentleman to stare, but too much of a bloke not to notice. The amount of leg on show is not even halfway from the knee to the groin, yet I find this more erotic a sight than a good looking woman almost naked on the beach.

I think it has to do with intent. The beach woman is intending to dress that way in public (is dress is the correct word for so little clothing). The train passenger however is letting a little more be seen than intendes, and it is onlt a little more.

I don’t know if others think like this, or is my inner voyeur trying to get out.

If you aare a commuter don’t be alarmed, I always look away almost immediately, and never act on any impulse. But I can’t help train seating arrangements. At least on busses everyone faces the same way

One thought on “Let’s talk about sex

  1. Your focus on yourself is mis-aimed. She dressed in what made her happy or comfortable, not thinking about its effect on blokes. Did you choose your clothing to excite the women on the train? Perhaps your necktie? — didn’t think so. The mark of civilization is to control thyself. And I have no doubt that with a little work you can redirect your unhelpful aspects of perception.

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